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'I am Ego. Just Ego. No accents. No other names. Just Ego.'

Just Ego is a 1 bit clicker made by Obelistics, for the 1 bit game jam. It's about Ego, a boy stuck in limbo, fighting against ghosts to survive. His monologue narrates the story as the ghosts slowly get harder and harder to defeat, until you're overcome. Ego isn't very good with his weapon, and often misses shots. This is part of the game play.


Left Click - Move Ego left and right. The camera follows his movements.

Right Click - Shoot in the direction of the mouse. Fairly simple really.

Install instructions

Included is the .exe version of the game. Just download the file, and open up. The window is resizeable to the players choice.


Just Ego.exe 4 MB


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How is this an idle/clicker game?

The only actions you can perform are clicking to move and shoot.

Only viable strategy is spaming bullets like hell, so technically speaking it is a clicker.